Minatus – The full-service rework company in the UK

As an e-seller, you have to factor in all possible contingencies when delivering and reprocessing your orders. If you’re interested in 3PL fulfilment, Minatus is your one-stop partner for logistics and rework services, from warehousing and packaging to product reconfiguration. You no longer need to waste time looking for a fulfilment provider that can do it all when your products come in for distribution.


With plenty of warehouse space and experienced staff, we can efficiently handle small-scale and large-scale projects. That’s why if you want to insure against enormous expenses while dealing with puzzling customer service scenarios, our product rework solutions can come to the rescue. Whether it’s about transit damage, package design changes, human error or anything else, we can carry out a full range of services to prevent issues, including:

For products that do not need any prep work and simply need to be shipped on to Amazon

Who can benefit from Minatus product reprocessing?

How can you put your inventory into a different format without stretching your budget? Come to Minatus to delegate all logistics, rework and labelling concerns to those who can help you sell, not move or get your products ready for end customers.

If you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor, our rework services are what you’re looking for to make your life easier. Don’t let promotional offers and rebranding initiatives overwhelm you. Whatever changes your products have to undergo, we have all it takes to do it for your and your end customers’ needs.

At Minatus, we can customise all our services to tackle any reprocessing issue. No matter whether you need to rearrange gift boxes, change barcode tags or combine a few orders by the same purchaser and add a single label, you can leave it to our team.

Looking for a 3rd party fulfilment provider that will treat your boxes with great care? Minatus specialises in automated and manual product reprocessing performed by a team of skilful professionals. All your products will be scrupulously checked, collated and packed the way you would like them to. We vouch for the excellent results for all orders that come in. If reworking still raises more questions than answers for you, here are the tangible benefits you can get:

Our product rectification service is a tried-and-true way to reduce overhead costs and increase customer satisfaction. It’s much easier to build and maintain a loyal customer base when your buyers get their orders on time and never complain about missing stuff or damaged packages.

Use Minatus as your Amazon Rerturns Address in Germany and Poland

Packaging and repackaging services aligned with your business goals

Zillions of boxes move from production facilities to their final destinations across the globe daily. For one package, it can take a long journey to reach the consumer, and sometimes, it doesn’t end there. People return their orders for various reasons, and you have to do something about it every time.

Whether you are interested in repackaging products for resale in the UK or packaging your inventory for consumers in the EU countries, we’ll take care of all the nuances. With many years of fulfilment experience under our belt enhanced by the best warehousing practices, we can make your orders look brand-new every time. And it doesn’t matter which weather and in-transit conditions they’ve been exposed to.

If you are now wondering how you can deliver such a shabby box to the buyer, you simply can’t unless you’re planning for a return. With Minatus, your products will never leave our warehouse if the packaging looks subpar. We offer a complete range of services to eliminate shabby boxes forever.


For products that do not need any prep work and simply need to be shipped on to Amazon

Product repackaging

Packaging should always be handled with great care as a pivotal part of the distribution process. You can’t just put an item into a box and call it a day. From filling in logistics documentation and collating goods to warehousing, packaging involves more processes than meets the eye. What’s more, your packages should be space-efficient to qualify for the most favourable shipping rates.

All these packaging requirements can be met with Minatus repackaging services. Whatever retail sector you’re operating in, we know how to enhance your packaging and make your boxes easy to stack.

By replacing one bulky package with a few smaller ones, you can eliminate transportation pitfalls and save big while doing so. That’s what we can do for you, too.


Product component replacement

Sometimes, package adjustment is the only way to boost customer satisfaction and sales. That’s why retailers resort to some tricks to hook potential buyers and make them place an order.

If one of your products isn’t very popular, you can combine it with some of your best-sellers and sell it at a reduced price as a combo. But you need a new package for such a bundle. New components or labels may also be required as you experiment with combos.

While it can be challenging to do everything in-house, Minatus can replace components or help with bundle packaging.

Repackaging products for resale

Customers enjoy the right to return their orders within the specified period, but they don’t care much about keeping your packaging intact. Besides, back and forth shipping may also impact your boxes, making repackaging the only way to resell the item.

Returns repacking requires meticulous inspections and new labelling, especially when it comes to gadgets and other devices. You never know what may happen to a smartphone or medical equipment during transit. That’s why it’s important to check every box and the contents.

As a 3PL fulfilment provider, Minatus can get all your boxes back for distribution. You don’t need to worry about ditching your products after returns. If the item looks good and can be resold once we change the package, we’ll do everything necessary to get it to the marketplace at its best again.

Amazon FBA repackaging service to minimise charges

Whether you’re an Amazon merchant or thinking about becoming one, you should learn more about the platform’s repackaging service. Even though repackaging customer returns for further selling sounds like a great idea, it may get you into a trap. Amazon repackaging service doesn’t always breathe new life into all your returns and may involve hidden charges after evaluation.

If your returns are good for reselling, Minatus can work magic with repackaging, labelling and providing all the necessary information to sell them at the marketplace again. You don’t have to pay over the odds for the FBA furbishing service to make your stuff look fetching.

Amazon can reject your products for multiple reasons, often due to incorrect labels or packaging issues. By delegating FBA returns relabeling to Minatus, you always know your returns are accepted, no matter what the problem is.

Non-compliance can result in extra charges for all Amazon sellers, which is why all your products must be prepped according to FBA standards. At Minatus, we’re dedicated to helping you comply with them, whether for FBA returns repacking or shifting the stock to new listings. By doing so, we can protect your business from any unplanned charges.

Avoiding inefficiencies to prepare products for the marketplace

The devil is always in the details. If you want your customers to stay with your brand consistently, make sure your packages aren’t short on any critical elements before showcasing your products on Amazon.

Need to get a single product instruction manual replaced? Updating all your packages for new requirements or product specifications? Shipping to a new area and need to attach language-specific packaging?

Minatus can streamline your operations and ensure your packaging meets ever-changing requirements, no matter what they are. Nothing is beyond our rework capabilities to prepare your items for the marketplace and help them reach their destination, including product resealing. With us, you’re never leaving product prep and delivery to chance!


3PL light assembly to boost your brand identity

Repackaging is a value-added service for a reason. It can help you emphasise your brand identity and move your customer-seller relationship to the next level.

Manufacturers despatch products using standard boxes or those labelled with their brand names. Given that, you may remain in the shadows if you gloss over repackaging with catchy branded boxes.

What’s more, once you decide to pamper your customers with holiday gift sets, gift wrapping is a must. It helps engage their attention and set the right mood for the occasion.

Not only do we offer product manual printing solutions, but we can also help with gift set assembly, kitting, subscription box packaging and more. Leverage our resources to live up to your customers’ expectations!

Hand packing services to ensure accuracy and compliance

More often than not, you can pack twice as many boxes with automated equipment. But when it comes to customised orders, the power of automation vanishes away. Only humans can collate products by colour and other features to ensure the tailored feel of every box.

If you are interested in manual product assembly services, don’t look further than Minatus. We have a team of professional packers who can tailor boxes for your customers while meeting all the requirements.

Custom manual assembly is available for promotional packs, fragile items and more. Whatever personal touch you’re willing to add, our experts can render it for each box. Say no to automated machines when you need the utmost accuracy and care.

Even though in-house product hand packing may seem a wise way to save resources, you may end up paying more. As a full-service fulfilment provider, Minatus can fine-tune the manual packaging process and warehouse your ready-to-go products until they’re ready to bring smiles to your customers’ faces.

Flow wrapping services for your products

Flow wrapping may be the best option to instil efficiency into your packaging. It is performed by a flow wrapping machine that covers a wear-resistant material over your items and seals the package. As of now, it’s one of the most efficient packaging methods, allowing you to notch faster turnaround times even for large-scale orders.

At Minatus, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art flow wrapping machines that empower us to offer competitive packaging prices and unmatched speed. If you need to pack promotional items, hotel kits, lollipops or any other solid items, we can wrap them to bundle together while decreasing the package size. We are committed to packing your products in the safest and most cost-effective way.

Flow wrapping can be a win-win packaging method if you ship items worldwide and are looking to save money. In certain cases, it can also serve as a substitute for standard cardboard boxes, but you should clarify this as you talk to Minatus experts about getting your products flow-wrapped.

Polypropylene film used for this packaging method has excellent protective qualities. You can go for transparent film to keep the contents visible or the one that’s enhanced with graphics or brand information.


For products that do not need any prep work and simply need to be shipped on to Amazon

Labelling and barcode printing

If the quality of your barcode labels leaves much to be desired, supply chain issues are unavoidable. If you don’t want your shipping containers to stay idle at the port waiting to be unloaded and moved further, make sure your barcodes are readable. Otherwise, you may end up with chargebacks and even returned shipments.

Minatus can take over barcode label printing to help you keep your competitive edge strong and eradicate delivery delays. This way, you can get better at tracking products, eliminating errors and boosting stock management.

Our advanced barcode label makers enable us to create high-quality labels with crisp text. It’ll take a few seconds to read the barcode and check whether it matches the order list. Forget about the incorrectly packaged orders with Minatus barcode labelling solutions!

No matter what type of products you’re selling, we can print labels for them. They will match the needed shapes and sizes, as well as custom configurations.

Automated labelling for loss prevention

Poorly tracked products and missing items during transit may cost you thousands of pounds. Product labelling is one of the ways to assume 24/7 control over your inventory and ward off the issues with items that never arrive.

With Minatus, it’s easier to handle inventory management as your products come in or out. Armed with on-demand barcode sticker makers, we can identify all your packages and set the stage for hassle-free tracking when they leave the warehouse and arrive at the destination.

Plus, you can quickly evaluate your assets and see how many items you need to fulfil the orders when your inventory is properly labelled. Gaining insights into your stock can improve your productivity along with the customer experience.

Let us print barcode labels to save you from fines

With compliance breach fines on their way up, unreadable barcodes can cost you a fortune. That’s why using a reliable barcode maker for products is rather an urgent necessity than a whim. The cost of labelling services can be quickly paid off by avoiding fines.

If your in-house capacities are not large enough for printing labels that meet compliance requirements, outsource it to Minatus. We use top-of-the-line printing equipment to handle any runs and comply with the highest standards. With us, you can forget about returned or rejected products because of poor labelling quality, not to mention fines.

For products that do not need any prep work and simply need to be shipped on to Amazon

Automated and hand labelling that can ramp up your marketing

Whether you sell your products on Amazon or other e-commerce platforms, labels are an important part of your marketing campaign. If they are dull and look like a twin of other packaging boxes, you’re likely to lose a portion of potential customers. By printing SKU labels that are brand-specific and visually appealing, you can leave a memorable impression on whoever receives your items.

Share what your ideal labels look like, and we’ll do our best to print them for you. SKU tag printing allows us to add a logo or image, change fonts and any objects to tailor your labels. With these tags, your items will never blend into the product range.

Custom product labels show people how much care and love you put into your items. On top of that, they can provide vital information about your brand and products, from ingredients to allergens to care and maintenance advice.



RFID labelling to tag and track your products

Looking for a way to stay informed about your inventory, but standard barcodes don’t seem to be the right fit? At Minatus, we can print smart labels that use radio waves to transmit information. With them, you don’t need to scan each product with a barcode scanner separately. All the data will be available through a computer system synchronised with RFIDs. Make it a part of your supply chain and track your products throughout the delivery route.

RFID label technology can help increase your revenue since modern customers mainly use their smartphones to make purchases. And electronic payment systems like Apple Pay are exactly what this technology has been created for.

But if you’re into more old-school labelling options, we can provide you with viable alternatives, as well. Even though Minatus is not a specialised barcode label company, we can create various types of barcodes, tags and signs for your inventory.

Various types of labels to meet your identification needs

You can’t do without labelling when packing a parcel for the first time or repacking it for reselling. It’s also required when you update product information or if the previously applied label is damaged. At Minatus, we use manual, automatic and semi-automatic labeller machines to meet all your labelling needs. If you’re not sure what option would be the best for you, our experts are thrilled to share professional advice.

You can choose from different label materials and finishes to match your label designs and product specifications. This decision should be based on the environment your products will be exposed to during transit and once they arrive at the destination.

A paper option can fit the bill if you apply labels for indoor products that stay under undemanding storage conditions. But if it’s about the applications in which your items have to withstand harsh conditions, it’s worth choosing more resistant materials.

Go for easily peelable label options if you need to get book price tags printed. But if your items must withstand drastic temperature changes or high humidity levels, more sticky labels covered with a protective finish may work better.

At Minatus, you can get matte and glossy labels in coated or uncoated varieties. Plus, we can provide you with folded leaflets, ideal for promotional and marketing materials.


Meet the strictest requirements for Amazon FBA barcode labels

FBA is notorious for its labelling requirements. If you don’t have the right know-how to print compliant shipping labels and barcodes, Minatus is here for you. We can design and print FNSKU, ASIN and other barcode labels for Amazon FBA so that you can avoid labelling mistakes and issues with Amazon.

With millions of items to snatch with a single click, it’s not surprising that Amazon requires highly accurate labels and barcodes. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry this operational stress on your own. Minatus can alleviate it for you by printing compliant Amazon FBA barcodes.

Amazon is entitled to destroy products without labels if the owner is unknown. But if they identify you as a merchant, they will relabel all the items at your expense. That’s why it’s crucial to get everything right the first time. As a professional barcode tag maker and fulfilment partner, Minatus can print and label your products for FBA and make sure they won’t knock you out with additional expenses.


Kimble tagging for retailers

While attaching price tags and plastic fasteners may be time-consuming in-house, we can greatly speed up the process. At Minatus, we have equipment that makes kimbling a breeze. Whether you need to bring items together in pairs or put on a plastic label or ticket, we can do it safely and in no time.

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