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Minatus health and beauty fulfilment services

Taking the hassle out of making your beauty products shipping-ready

From using branded wrapping paper to labelling to adding free cosmetics samples, we can do it all

health and beauty fulfillment service Minatus UK

Minatus - health and beauty fulfilment services

With thousands of beauty and wellness brands in the e-commerce environment, online buyers may feel overwhelmed when shopping for supplements or anti-ageing serums. Want to tip the scales in your favour? Our fulfilment services in health & beauty can be the decisive factor that sets your business apart. With Minatus, you can develop new products and enter new markets whilst providing the best-in-class customer experience.

Ingredients and pricing policies take centre stage when selecting health and beauty products. But online shoppers also make their purchase decisions considering shipping terms and bonuses provided. Plus, their unpacking experience may define whether they’ll ever order from you again.

Minatus is an established health and beauty fulfilment provider in the UK. We can take the hassle out of making your beauty products shipping-ready and ensure your customers will have a great time unboxing them. From using branded wrapping paper to labelling to adding free cosmetics samples, we can do it all.

health & Beauty  fulfilment Minatus UK

Cosmetics and beauty fulfilment to scale your business

Whether you’re a manufacturer or seller, you can use multiple channels to show off your cosmetics and health products, including your website, online marketplaces and social media. At Minatus, we can give you a 360-degree view of all orders coming from your sales channels to consolidate decision-making and strategic planning.

With our integrations, it’s easy to scale your business. The process feels even less stressful as you get us to manage your inventory and ship your orders. Focus on your marketing campaign and expanding to new marketplaces, and we’ll do the rest.

Partnering with a trustworthy health and beauty fulfilment company means you have the expertise, capacity and technology to:

  • Get your cosmetics and beauty products delivered fast
  • Have your products stored and picked based on expiration dates
  • Stay flexible during high demand periods
  • Take care of returned products
The healthcare and beauty industry is flush with opportunities for growth and development. Whether you’re selling oral hygiene products, makeup, skincare products or anything else, we can ensure your customers get their orders properly packed and on time so that they want to reorder from you.

Beauty fulfilment services for delivery and storage

Online shopping is supposed to be convenient, and a long delivery time is not something every shopper is ready to settle for. To take it out of the ordering experience associated with your business, hire Minatus as your fulfilment company for health & beauty to minimise delivery time and protect your products from going bad.

Healthcare and beauty products often come with a short shelf life and intolerance to temperature swings. Arranging proper storage conditions in-house may cost you a fortune, but you can always rent a warehousing space in our facilities to keep your products safe. When outsourcing cosmetics and health fulfilment to us, you can be sure your products are stored at the right temperature with just the right amount of light and moisture in our ambient warehouses.

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