Minatus e-commerce fulfilment services: Get orders to your customers the right way

Are your e-commerce sales going up? Stick to your growth track whilst keeping overhead costs as low as they are now. By outsourcing order fulfilment to Minatus, you can get your products to your customers without technically doing anything. We can become a physical extension to your e-commerce business that manages picking, warehousing, packing, quality control and despatching operations.

Our fulfilment services cover your products’ journey from where your suppliers store them to where your customers want them delivered. We ensure complete control by integrating the warehouse management system (WMS) with the platforms you sell on, be it eBay, Shopify, Amazon or all three. This gives us a full picture of order placements and enables us to fulfil them as soon as they come in, thereby freeing up your time.

Keep order costs in check with e-commerce fulfilment in the UK

Making more sales can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, seeing orders flowing in an unstoppable fashion bodes well for your store’s financial health. But on the other hand, you may find yourself hamstrung by the inability to fulfil them on time or increased handling and shipping costs.

Minatus can get you through all those challenges. We’re different from other e-commerce fulfilment companies in that we charge for a cubic metre of the space your products take up in our warehouse. In other words, you only pay when your inventory is physically stored with Minatus, whether it’s 1 or 500 items. Additional charges include picking, labelling and basic fulfilment fees per product.

With our pay-as-you-go professional fulfilment services, you can pay less to get your products to your customers and run your business. As we take care of your orders from A to Z, you don’t need to rent a warehouse and hire workers for fulfilment operations.

Plus, when you leave fulfilment to Minatus, you can scale your e-store in any direction. Getting more orders during peak season? Outsource them to us and pay the same fulfilment price per order. Are you into a sales slump? Cover reduced costs as long as you need to have fewer orders picked, handled and shipped.

How does Minatus outsourced order fulfilment work?

Our fulfilment process looks pretty much the same, whether you’re selling on just Amazon or multiple e-commerce websites. It includes 6 steps that are all carried out using the integrated WMS.

Step 1. Receipt

With Minatus, you can keep your inventory in our secure fulfilment centre in the UK. That’s where your goods are stored before shipping.

When receiving your goods, we make sure they meet all the requirements outlined in the purchase order and pre-advice. This information is available in IWMS, enabling you to monitor the status of your products, reported defects upon receipt and other issues.

Step 2. Storage

Once we receive, inspect and mark incoming goods, we put them on the shelves and racks of our fulfilment warehouse in the UK. This usually takes 24-48 hours from when your products are delivered into our facility.

You’re notified when your inventory levels are high again in IWMS. The system provides real-time updates so that you can start selling as soon as your stock replenishment is complete.

Step 3. Order processing

When your customers place orders for your products, IWMS shows real-time inventory changes and stock allocation requirements. Thanks to this integrated workspace, it’s easy for you and our staff to manage an order flow throughout all e-commerce platforms you’re selling on.

Once you confirm payments, we’re ready to get down to the final fulfilment steps.

Step 4. Picking

We pull out your products from our shelves and prepare them for shipping. As a seller-centric fulfilment company, Minatus offers same-day picking and despatching for all goods ordered before 2:00 pm.

When picking, we carry out quality control inspections on picked orders and goods awaiting despatch.

Step 5. Packing

Our order fulfilment services include packing, repacking, custom labelling, wrapping and anything else that you or your customers need. We take these tasks seriously to keep your products intact and prevent items from getting lost in transit.

If you have any special packing requirements like product bundles or complimentary item add-ons, Minatus can also fulfil them.

Step 6. Shipping

We ship your products to a distribution centre or a carrier to be delivered the way your customers have selected at checkout. You can keep tabs on the despatching operations in IWMS that also sends notifications with tracking details to buyers. This way, they know how they can track their orders after they are shipped from our warehouse.

As you can see, Minatus is an end-to-end e-commerce fulfilment provider for online sellers and retailers. Outsource the order-related processes that you struggle with to us and never worry about them again!

Why team up with a fulfilment provider?

If you own an e-commerce store, you may be thinking you can remain a DIYer without hiring a fulfilment partner. But what this actually means is that you’ll spend most of your time drowning in fulfilment processes. Shipping orders is time-consuming, and you may not even realise it takes your mind off planning a business development strategy or exploring new channels to increase your sales.

E-commerce fulfilment companies like Minatus empower you to take a hands-off approach to fulfilment. The service provider can be tasked with all the behind-the-scenes processes to get your physical products from your customers’ online shopping carts to their doorsteps. Those that offer end-to-end e-commerce order fulfilment services can store your inventory, prepare each item for shipping and move it to the carrier you choose. All these processes do not require involvement on your part, saving time for you and your team.

Does outsourcing to a fulfilment company in the UK mean you’re outsourcing control over your products? A resounding no! Top-rated service providers should connect a management system and other tools to your online store so that you can maintain control over how your products are moved when your customers order them. With technology-driven, automated fulfilment solutions, you can monitor shipping processes and inventory levels whilst adjusting your e-fulfilment strategy on the fly.

Outsourcing fulfilment to a 3PL partner also makes sense if you:

  • Struggle to ensure prompt deliveries of your goods, which takes a heavy toll on the customer experience
  • Have to rent a warehouse to keep your products shipping-ready
  • Pay more to get shipping processes handled than what you can afford (common with FBA)
  • Sell various types of products that require different shipping and packaging methods (electronics, kids’ toys, perishables, etc.)
  • Can’t meet Amazon Prime or other delivery requirements and often receive customer complaints

E-fulfilment service providers can also help you access additional services that you wouldn’t otherwise get access to as a DIYer. Take customs brokerage. If you’re selling your products to foreign countries and have little to no experience handling customs clearance or other processes, moving your goods through borders can be a nightmare for your business. With a specialised service provider, however, you can get your products to international customers without a hitch and legal issues.

Why choose Minatus storage and fulfilment services?

Minatus has been serving as a UK-based fulfilment partner for businesses for years. Dozens of online stores rely on our e-commerce fulfilment solutions and storage capabilities to move their goods to their customers without delays and high Amazon fees. And here’s why:

  • Complete business fulfilment services. Need to store your goods in a conveniently located, weatherproof storage space until they are shipped? Want to make sure all boxes and fillers are ready for packaging? Delivering on the next day to keep benefiting from your SFP badge? That’s only some of the many tasks you can outsource to Minatus.
  • Improved delivery times and costs. The way you manage your inventory has a lot to do with how fast your deliveries are. Minatus is happy to share its warehouse management and inventory tracking technology to speed up the shipping process and make our preparation services and fulfilment more affordable for you.
  • Pricing that doesn’t leave you wondering. With Minatus, it’s easy to calculate how much it will cost you to outsource order fulfilment in the UK. We are crystal-clear about our storage charge rates, handling charges, packing fees and other costs, depending on the number of orders you need to fulfil.
  • International expertise. We partner with GWT to fulfil international orders. Whether you’re selling to European countries or receiving materials from European suppliers, we can ensure import/export compliance and simplify customs clearance for your business.
  • Local returns centre. Feel free to use the Minatus fulfilment centre in the UK to handle your product returns. Once they are here, we can carry out an inspection for FBA standards and forward your items further to Amazon facilities.

Minatus warehouse fulfilment services are value-packed for your e-commerce business if you’re looking to de-stress your team and stay agile. When packaging is flawless, and deliveries are lightning-fast, you’re all set to sell more and grow your store. You manage — we ship!

Fulfilment - Pricing

Sample Fulfilment Charge Rates 1st January 2022
Storage Charge £2.48 per cubic metre per week. you only pay for the space your goods take up
Monthly Service Charge 26.38 Fulfilment and Amazon Vendor account service fee.
Full Pick Price - Per Order 1st item, 2nd Item then Additional items picked on same order Items  
£1.48 Ist item, Then £0.52 2nd item then £0.08 per additional items on same order( >100 orders per month)  

100 + Orders per month.


£1.86 Ist item, Then £0.70 2nd then £0.08 per additional items on same order(Low Volume <100)  

1 to 100 orders per month (Low Volume Rate)

**Items greater than 23kg per unit will be charged at £3.00 per item irrespective of volume £3.34 >23Kg two person lift charges
Customer requested Labelling per unit (product labels, Information, Customer requested Barcodes, Security Seals, etc) £0.13 per label unit
Repack Charge £0.37 Per item replacing damaged packaging or putting in one item to new (retail) box.
Assembly Charge £0.53 Per item, Packed, assembled, Tagged etc, Tissue wrapped

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Pre Receipt & Replenishment

You send us your products direct from your suppliers. We check against your Pre Advice or Supplier Purchase Order raised in Konnex and notify you of any descrepancies.

We check the goods received for damage. Reports enable you to check if receipts from suppliers are completed or overdue.

Delivery & Put Away

Your products are identified and placed on shelves in our warehouse. IWMS Integrated systems update all your seller channels with the increase in stock ready for you to take orders.

Total time taken from receipt of your products to being placed on shelves averages around 24 hours but can take up to 48 hours in busy periods.

You Have New Orders

Integrated sales orders generated on your website or other sales channels like Amazon or eBay are immediatly ready for processing once they have passed through the payment gateway.

Orders can also be raised manually through your client portal or sent by eMail. Once in the IWMS order cockpit stock is allocated and channel balances updated in real time. They can be picked from the shelves by our warehouse team

Orders Are Picked

As products are picked, quality checked and confirmed, transactions made by the warehouse team update the order status on IWMS and across portals.

All orders received by 2.00pm are despatched the same day.

Orders Packed

Orders are packed according to your specifications. We can enclose free gifts, gift wrap, whatever you need.

Parcels are despatched using the delivery method selected during the check out process. This can be amended to provide more cost efficient or consignment based shipping.


Your customers are automatically notified that the shipment has left the warehouse, the consignment ref and carrier so they can check how their order is progressing with the carrier.

You can also check your client portal for updates and parcel tracking information which you can share with you customers