Exploit Amazon vendor services with Minatus on your side

Minatus provides almost unlimited assistance for those of you who are about to progress from doing business as Amazon third-party sellers to becoming first-party vendors. It is beyond any doubt that the Vendor Central platform opens up new horizons to your brand, which are backed up by advanced Amazon marketing services (AMS), A+ content, hassle-free fulfilment and wholesale opportunities. However, one may have a hard time ensuring the compliance with many Amazon shipping requirements while managing their inventory and addressing disputable matters arising in the process. If your daily business routine looks like this, and you are fed up with carrying such a crippling burden, Minatus is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What we do here is facilitating your business relationships with Amazon and making sure you are reaping all the benefits of the vendor status, which go far beyond those of the Amazon seller services. At Minatus, we endeavour to improve your current PO operations and transmute the issues into stepping stones to colossal success. Our expertise and end-to-end managed solutions allow us to provide all online merchants who need Amazon vendor support with personalised services so that they can bring the strategic consistency of their businesses to the highest level.

Our range of services for Amazon Vendor Central customers

If you have been selling to Amazon for a while so far, the chances are that you already know how demanding it may be to deal with purchase orders, shipping and everything in between. The vendor status – as distinguished from the Amazon FBA Seller Central one – requires the unconditional compliance with an abundance of Amazon rules on delivery lead times and the volume of goods which are meant to be supplied. With your needs in mind, Minatus is ready to help you meet all those rigorous standards of the world’s largest marketplace provider.

Here is what we do for this purpose:

Our specialists are up for consolidating, approving and importing orders to our dedicated OMS irrespective of the volume. Then we will manage your inventory to ensure stock availability or cancel lines if needed. We also provide pick and pack services, which can be used by Amazon Seller Central UK clients, as well.

With Minatus, you no longer need to collect piles of delivery documents yourself. We will take this upon ourselves while coordinating delivery slots and other activities with Amazon.

We will make sure your goods are shipped to Amazon facilities in pallets or boxes. This process is aimed at meeting scheduled lead times and minimising the risk of delayed deliveries.

Since disputes and claims are increasingly common in business relationships, it’s always a good idea to have qualified specialists acting on your behalf. At Minatus, we are capable of providing this kind of Amazon vendor support.

With our team, you will get access to comprehensive end-to-end solutions which will help you shape your own way in the e-commerce environment and succeed on Amazon. For more details on our warehouse capacity and pricing, be sure to give us a call.