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"Minatus Ltd, Amazon FBA preparation process"

Providing high-quality, fast turnaround and cost-effective preperation for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)services

Backed up with great customer service, personalised support, daily communication, and flexible solutions.

Amazon relabel FNKS Barcode Minatus UK

FBA prep service that redefines your experience

Selling on Amazon is an uphill climb, which involves many behind-the-scenes processes. At Minatus, we have a fully equipped FBA fulfilment centre to orchestrate all workflows and catalyse your selling experience. Our prep service adds agility to your eCommerce business by relieving the most challenging part of managing the order flow.

Amazon relabel FNKS Barcode Minatus UK

Full-service FBA prep centre

Amazon clamps down on unsatisfactory product quality, packaging and customer service. To help you succeed with every part of your business, Minatus acts as a full-service FBA partner to handle the most complex processes amid Amazon’s ever-changing requirements. We can be there for you for Freight Only, FNSKU, inspections, FBA customer service and more.

Amazon relabel FNKS Barcode Minatus UK

Preparation arranged in your way

What can be the best solution for one eCommerce seller may be a waste of business resources for the other. At Minatus, we adapt our preparation services to your product type, order volumes, packaging needs and shipping policies. If it doesn’t work for you – it doesn’t work for us.

Amazon relabel FNKS Barcode Minatus UK

The best team to do the heavy lifting

Minatus has been orchestrating prep workflows for Amazon FBA UK for years. If you want experienced teams to prepare your orders and attentive specialists to monitor Amazon’s latest requirements, we bring them together for your exceptional eCommerce business results.

FBA inspection services: Making your products FBA-ready

FBA is a lifesaver, but it’s easy to get bogged down in pitfalls when shipping your products to FBA centres. If you’re about to use Fulfilment by Amazon, you need to ensure that your goods are FBA-ready. Why? If your inventory isn’t FBA-compliant, you will end up forking out for additional fulfilment fees and have to deal with customer complaints.

Minatus FBA inspection services help you avoid unexpected fees when getting your products handled by Amazon. We inspect your shipments for packaging and labelling issues and put them right before dispatching your goods to FBA. No Amazon penalties. No one-star product reviews.

What FBA prep looks like

This service can be used by all Amazon sellers, whether you’re operating in the UK or overseas. It is based on a comprehensive FBA inspection carried out by the Minatus team after you send your items to our centre. Once they are here, we will:

  1. Receive your products and check them against your purchase order
  2. Inspect packaging and labelling
  3. Look for imperfections, item damage and violations of Amazon policies
  4. Prepare your items for FBA services (bundling, relabelling, etc.)
  5. Despatch FBA-ready goods to the specified Amazon facility for fulfilment

Amazon FBA pricing and product criteria

You can use this service unless you’re shipping hazardous waste, postage stamps, explosives or other prohibited items. We are experienced in working with standard, fragile, oversized and highly specific goods.

If you need help budgeting for the service, check out the basic costs for FBA preparation below or contact us.


Standard Box Inspection

18.6p per item

Volume discounts available

We receive, check and count the products you send to us.

£0.186 per item to 50 items a box then £0.10p per item in same carton

Example: Box of 100 - 50@ 186p + 50@ 10p = 14.3 p per unit

Carton Only Freight Forward
£4.00 per


LTL pallet assembly and Desptch

£18.21 + 53p per carton

This is a Shipment Forward service therefore order should arrive prepared to be sent out immediately as is.


£0.41 per unit

Putting more than one of same SKU to a bag to create a pack of xx items
bubble wrap an item.

FNSKU/ Label products

£0.15 per label

  • We generate FNSKU barcode labels from your Amazon Seller Central Shipping Plan

  • We Stick labels to products, repack and seal the case ready for collection

Everyones requirements are different so depending on

what we do for you and the volumes involved we may be able to offer

even better pricing!

We offer all FBA Prep services including Freight Forward only, Container destuffing, Customer Returns, Amazon recalls, rework etc.

FBA prep service in the spotlight

We use the IWMS warehouse management system to prepare shipments for FBA. This WMS allows you to send a booking request for your inventory as you get an order update from your supplier. We then:

  1. receive and check every item for FBA compliance (quantity, quality, labels, etc.)
  2. record damages and inconsistencies associated with your inventory and cartons
  3. upload photos as proof of inventory-related issues to Konnex, which notifies you of existing woes via email
  4. prepare your items and cartons according to FBA standards, including assigning and verifying ASIN barcodes
  5. create a shipping order and dispatch your well-prepared inventory to FBA

No-prep forwarding option Freight Forward

The Minatus FBA prep service is a cost-effective way to bring your inventory to an FBA centre in tip-top condition. This reduces your product return rate as Amazon has no ground for rejecting your shipments whilst your customers receive what they’re paying for.

However, if you’re sure your shipments are perfect, you may not need prep service. In this case, Minatus can forward them further to FBA with no inspections in between (Freight Forward).

We offer two no-prep forwarding options:

  • Original packaging. If you select this forwarding option, we will not remove the packaging your products arrive in. We will only put proper labels on your cartons and dispatch them to FBA.
  • Repacking and consolidation. This is when Minatus provides new cartons and combines several of your shipments into one inventory to be forwarded to Amazon.

Please note that you should provide Minatus with access to Amazon Seller Central so we can download UPS prepaid labels direct to our label printers.

Minatus can be your local return address

One of the Fulfilment by Amazon programme requirements is that you must specify a return address for the country in which you sell your products. In other words, you must list a UK-based return processing centre if you put your items up for sale on Amazon.co.uk.

The good news is that you can specify Minatus as your local return address. We can also inspect your returns to help you decide whether they can be repackaged and dispatched to Amazon for resale.

Please note that this service is for FBA prep and inspection customers and is not a standalone service.

Outsource fulfilment tasks and grow your business

Minatus sets out to help Amazon sellers smooth out all facets of the fulfilment process, including:

  • FBA inspection
  • prep work for all shipments
  • forwarding to Amazon facilities
  • FBA inventory management
We cut the work hours you used to spend checking Amazon shipping rules, printing and putting labels, and dealing with returns. When you outsource these tasks to Minatus, you can do what you do best – selling and expanding your business. Meanwhile, we guarantee that nothing stops your products from getting to FBA and your customers.

We can also manage your FBA inventory to align it with your sales. This service helps minimise stockouts and overstocks, saving you from preventable costs. On top of that, it improves your visibility on Amazon. Because your pages are unlikely to show up if you can’t satisfy the demand for the products they feature, Minatus inventory management services ensure your listings are never hidden. We keep you posted on your stock levels so that you know the volumes you should handle.

With Minatus, selling on Amazon.co.uk is always rewarding. We stand behind your business growth as a UK-based fulfilment provider, eliminating high Amazon fees and costly shipment issues. Get your products prepared by Minatus to rake in more money and establish a stellar merchant reputation!

Why leaving FBA prep to Minatus makes sense

For obvious reasons, when you’re looking to sell something, you set up an account on Amazon. It’s a vast pool of customers (read opportunities). Amazon enables you to get your products in front of them, whether you’re a small or large merchant.

But Amazon wouldn’t be Amazon if it set the bar low and allowed poorly packaged or damaged goods to be sent from its FBA centres. Actually, it has a range of stringent guidelines to meet. The failure to do so puts your merchant reputation and bottom line at risk.

Minatus is your safe bet to dodge any risk. With our Amazon FBA prep services, you can get your shipments properly packaged and labelled so that Amazon accepts and dispatches them further. We are here to tackle all shipping problems your products may have to streamline your fulfilment process and save you money in unexpected fees and lost customers.

Seller-oriented FBA inspection and preparation services

There is one rule of thumb you need to know: the reputation of your brand always precedes you. In light of this, if something tarnishes it, your chances of success are getting low. From the perspective of Amazon, letters of complaint and negative customer reviews are those factors that give your brand a bad name. The great news is that you can now mitigate all the risks associated with the tainted reputation with the help of Minatus and our FBA prep services for UK and overseas sellers.

As far as you know, non-compliance with Amazon FBA requirements is likely to lead to severe consequences, including order delays and penalties. What is even worse is that it may upset the apple cart and, thus, prevent your business from growing. With Minatus, however, this is no longer the case. We specialise in preparing your products, regardless of their volume and size, and carefully inspecting each of them to make sure all FBA guidelines are met. The central aim of our services of FBA prep for UK and overseas merchants is to save your time and money by ensuring Amazon compliance.

What is included in our FBA inspection services?

Minatus provides thorough FBA inspection for UK and international clients who are carrying out their commercial activities on the Amazon platform. No matter how many products you need to get inspected and prepared, we are up for the task if they are safe-to-use and legal. Be sure to leave the following to us:

  • unpacking your shipments;
  • making sure your goods are Amazon compliant;
  • delivering reports on defective products and cartons;
  • verifying all barcodes and labels;
  • dispatching your goods from our warehouses for further fulfilment by Amazon.
These procedures are applied to products which require inspection. As an option, you may choose freight forwarding shipment without any prep processes if you are sure that your goods meet all Amazon fulfilment requirements. Within this service, our specialists will:
  • remove shipping labels and put on those which are required by Amazon;
  • repack products if needed;
  • ship original goods and cartons to Amazon fulfilment centres.
Keep in mind that you, as a seller, have to pay all fees and tariffs when shipping your goods to our warehouses.

What benefits will you get by using the Minatus FBA preparation service?

Teaming up with Minatus means taking an immense weight off your shoulders. Our inspection services are necessary for those looking to grow their businesses with no need to hire more staff for product preparation. All you are asked to do is organise shipments to our warehouses, provide us with your labels, and let us know your FBA shipment details. We will take care of everything else.

You can also benefit from our fulfilment solutions if you want to leverage considerable storage facilities. Furthermore, our fulfilment centre can be used as your return address in the UK so that Amazon can send your products back if there is something wrong with them.

To open the door of new business opportunities, it’s high time to turn to Minatus – your trusted FBA prep company. We assure you that you won’t find better prices than ours!

Other options to handle Amazon FBA prep

Amazon is the #1 e-commerce platform, and working with the best requires you to step up your game. Anyone can become an Amazon seller, but not everyone is up for the challenge of complying with multiple rules of the marketplace.

Indeed, Amazon FBA packaging and shipping can be extremely frustrating. A single mistake can get your account suspended and put you out of business for up to a month, with your chances of restoring it being slim to none.

As a seller, you have only three options: do FBA prep yourself, pay Amazon to do it for you or outsource it to an independent FBA prep company. If the first way is not for you, it would seem logical to go with Amazon, right? Well, not exactly.

The thing is, the Amazon prep service is quite expensive. Storage and fulfilment fees are paid separately, and unless your products fly off the shelves like hot cakes, you will end up paying for the products you are not selling, which is a surefire recipe for a business disaster. This leaves you with the third option – outsourcing your FBA prep services in the UK. But however advantageous, it has its own pitfalls. It is hard enough to find a reliable partner to whom you can hand over the responsibility for a crucial part of your business, let alone picking a financially beneficial option. But Minatus can be your perfect option.

Count on Minatus for prep and FBA inspection in the UK

Minatus is a West Yorkshire, UK-based company that serves small and large-volume sellers. We can do all it takes for your successful Amazon FBA in the UK thanks to:

  • Pricing. Our per-item charges leave no room for vagueness or miscalculations. You can easily budget for FBA fulfilment fees, preparation and repacking to avoid cost overruns as you ship your inventory to us.
  • Location. With Minatus, you can use an FBA prep centre near Amazon centres. This can save you both time and money as well as streamline how your products are moved.
  • Facilities. Our Amazon FBA warehouse boasts fully equipped storage, preparation and shipping facilities to help you cut expenses.
  • Inspection. Our FBA prep and ship services include inspection in addition to packaging and labelling to minimise returns.
  • Timing. We guarantee fast turnaround times to process your stock and get your products to Amazon FBA centres quickly. Even if it’s the peak sales season for your business, we won’t make you wait.
Outsourcing your FBA prep in the UK means trusting somebody outside your company with important business processes. Minatus will be delighted to prove you can put your trust in us. Contact us to learn more about our Amazon FBA preparation service and get a quote.

Tap into the power of Amazon with Minatus-powered FBA fulfilment

As an ambitious e-commerce seller struggling with orders and sales, you look at Amazon through the prism of opportunities it rewards. With FBA services by Minatus, you have everything to scale fast and use them all. Whether you are an established seller looking to optimise your time or a new brand gearing up to hit the ground running, FBA is your way to go to:

  • Reach millions of customers. Amazon is nothing short of colossal exposure. With over 300 million active customers, the marketplace is the most noticeable product display opportunity for your business.
  • Enjoy low fees. While Amazon FBA charges do exist, Minatus helps you notch an increase in sales to make up for them. Our fees are very competitive compared to the time and money required to handle your own fulfilment.
  • Boost sales. Products fulfilled by Amazon sell for more than those fulfilled by merchants. Amazon Prime members are also more likely to buy from FBA sellers.
  • Eliminate hassle. Our Amazon FBA services exempt you from the hassle of shipping and delivery, so you can allocate more time to expand your business. Concurrently, your customers have an exceptional experience – from the checkout to the doorstep.
  • Gain credibility. Being an FBA e-commerce seller gives you instant trustworthiness and a “stamp of approval” from Amazon – customers view FBA products as more exclusive and noteworthy. This can do wonders for a new brand.

If demand for your products takes off, you don’t have to worry about a sudden influx of orders or employing additional staff. Minatus empowers your business to scale rapidly and efficiently.

Why hire an FBA agent?

When your Amazon business starts booming, fulfilling a deluge of orders is an uphill battle. An FBA expert knows the ins and outs of Amazon’s centres, keeps up with ever-changing rules, and becomes an extension of your team – as invested in your business’s success as you are. Minatus is thrilled to take on this role to suggest improvements, point out trends, and alert you to any issues.

Save time and money

With our affordable FBA pricing for UK sellers, you spend less on supplies and employees. Minatus helps you kiss goodbye to Amazon’s bloated charges, evade penalties, and ditch packing tables, tape guns, and bubble wrap for a fee.

Rise faster

When sales take off, Minatus lets you keep up with demand as your FBA agent. We have the resources to handle 100 or 1,000 orders without breaking a sweat. Our FBA prep services scale with you – and so do our capabilities to support you at every growth stage.

Run an issue-free business

By relying on our team, you can cut long shipping times and operate without storage space inefficiencies, returns problems, and customer service headaches. We take care of it all to let you spend your time developing new products, optimising your listings, and marketing to new audiences.

With Minatus, your business can get bigger and better to rise to fame on Amazon. Take that next step and contact us today!

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