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As an Amazon seller, you have not so many options when it comes to filling your customer orders. You can either go with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) programme or Fulfilment by Merchant (FBM). As of recently, there is also a third alternative available called Seller Fulfilled Prime which is a combination of the two previous options.

If neither alternative speaks to you, you can always turn to 3rd party fulfillment. This way, you will avoid paying high Amazon fees and save yourself the headache of handling storage and shipping logistics. It is a win-win! Minatus offers 3PL fulfillment services at affordable rates that won’t put a strain on your budget. Leave the most daunting part of sales to us and concentrate on perfecting your product and growing your business.

Amazon relabel FNKS Barcode Minatus UK

Benefits of using Minatus for Amazon merchant fulfilled orders

Better control

With FBA, you entrust the crucial part of your customers’ buying experience to Amazon. This means that you have no control over packaging and shipping. Yes, Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world with the highest standards in sales. However, don’t expect them to go the extra mile to take care of your customers. Handling order fulfilment yourself or using the FBA service by Minatus gives you an opportunity to set yourself apart from other Amazon merchants by working on your unique packaging. What is more, you will get 24/7 access to your inventory and shipping logs.


Amazon fees are based on the size and weight of the items. So if you store large goods that have small margins, using FBA may turn out to be very unprofitable. And even more so if your products have low turnaround since Amazon also has additional short- and long-term storage fees. Partnering with Minatus, you pay as you go. Our FBA delivery service is arranged in a way that eradicates the need to overpay for the storage you do not use! Scale up and down according to the changes you want to make in your business.


It is impeccable customer service that makes Amazon the leader in online sales. To keep the standards high, the company penalises sellers for late deliveries and shipping mistakes. Minatus offers reliable 3rd party warehouse management services. They cushion your business experience with guaranteed quality control and timely shipment. This way, our prep for Amazon FBA service makes your deliveries penalty-free. Join the ranks of our happy clients and leave the fear of being suspended by Amazon behind once and for all!

One of the disadvantages of Fulfilment by Merchant on Amazon is handling storage and logistics. But there is no need to worry if you have a trusted partner like Minatus in your corner! We will take care of the entire e-commerce pick and pack process leaving you with loads of free time on your hands to work on your product, marketing strategy, and developing your brand. This is another alternative centred around the idea of having a professional team to handle all Amazon FBA warehouse workflows for your business.

Another disadvantage is losing access to Amazon Prime customers who until recently were available only for FBA sellers. We will help you comply with strict Amazon requirement to qualify for Seller Fulfilled Prime programme. Together we will bring your business to the next level! Want to know how? Contact us at any time, and our managers will answer all your questions.

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