Top 5 Amazon FBA preparation service companies to streamline your operations

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Amazon is the #1 e-commerce platform in the world, and working with the best requires you to step up your game. Anyone can become an Amazon seller, but not everyone is up for the challenge of complying with multiple rules of the marketplace. Indeed, preparing your inventory for FBA can be extremely frustrating. A single mistake can get your account suspended and put you out of business for up to a month with your chances of restoring it being slim to none. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this ordeal.

As a seller, you have only three options: do FBA prep yourself, pay Amazon to do it for you, or outsource it to an independent third party. If the first variant is not for you, it would seem only logical to go with Amazon FBA prep service, right? Well, not exactly. The thing is, Amazon subscription is quite expensive; storage and fulfilment fees are paid separately, and unless your products fly off the shelves like hot cakes, you will end up paying for the products you are not selling which is a surefire recipe for a business disaster. This leaves you with the third option – outsourcing your FBA preparation service. But however advantageous, it has its own pitfalls. It is hard enough to find a reliable partner to whom you can hand over the responsibility for a crucial part of your business, let alone picking a financially beneficial option. Feeling confused? Don’t worry! We are here to help you make an informed decision.

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How to choose an FBA prep company?

There are 5 key points to consider when choosing an outsource Amazon prep service:

  • Price

Find out if the company charges monthly or per item. Go with a monthly fee if you have large inventory volumes. Otherwise, it is better to stick with per-item charge.

  • Location

Use a prep center that is near to your shipping ports to save both time and money as well as streamlining the processes.

  • Storage

Check if the prep center of your choice has storage facilities to cut on warehouse and shipping expenses.

  • Inspection

Make sure your prep service includes inspection in addition to packaging and labeling.

  • Time

Check on turnaround times and make sure your choice can process your stock quickly. Look for a turnaround time promise.

FBA inspection services

5 best Amazon seller services

  • Minatus

Minatus is a West Yorkshire, UK-based company that offers FBA inspection services at affordable rates to both small and large-volume sellers. Minatus specialists take care of everything from storage to prepping and shipping.

  • Freightos

It is an international import company offering FBA services to e-commerce sellers. Freightos allows you to pay per kilogram based on the shipping destination and origination.

  • McKenzie Services

McKenzie services is based in the U.S. and offers FBA prep and packaging. It is known as an affordable option for small-volume e-commerce sellers. A warehouse in Oregon allows McKenzie services clients to avoid paying sales tax.

  • EZ Prep

This is a California-based FBA prep services company that offers receiving, inspecting, labeling, repackaging, and shipping products to Amazon at a flat rate fee per item. A warehouse near the Port of Los Angeles allows saving on import costs.

  • Shapiro

With more than 100-year-old experience in sales, Shapiro is one of the oldest prep centers for Amazon. The minimum shipment rate is just $40 which makes it a great option for both small businesses and large enterprises.

Remember: outsourcing your FBA prep means trusting somebody outside your company with important business processes, so choose wisely!