Surefire way to get customers on Amazon and skyrocket sales

A businessman is drawing a sales curve

There is only one way to hit it big when selling through Amazon, and it is all about driving paying customers to your company. The key is to treat every shopper like your boss who can fire you at any time by purchasing what they need somewhere else. Given that an average Amazon Prime member spends around £2,000 a year while the number of those who use this program is growing with lightning speed, the cost of losing clients may be too high for your business.Customers are your most valuable asset. If you want to keep this asset accumulating, you have to give some thought to your Amazon marketing plan. For better or worse, there’s no one-size-fits-all strategy for all retailers, but you can avail yourself of a few time-tested methods.

5 strategies to turn your goods into the top-selling products on Amazon

Whether you’re only building a brand or your reputation already speaks volumes, you should use some gimmicks to keep customers coming. Here are the 5 most effective of them:

1.    Carry out a competitor analysis

Unless your name is Jeff Bezos, your company is likely competing with hundreds of others. To make sure it is your brand that is featured in customers’ shopping carts, run Amazon product research. This way, you will be able to analyse a profusion of items and identify the most sought-after of them. After you get a better understanding of the market trends, the only thing left is to ensure that your products comply with them, leaving your competitors far behind.

2.    Improve visibility

Of course, doing SEO and running PPC campaigns can work wonders for your page traffic. But there is one more technique that you may not have heard of. These days, it is easier than ever to team up with influencers to reach new audiences. With more and more millennials enjoying their statuses as followers, partnering with someone who is in a position to affect purchasing decisions will pay off.

3.    Make it a bundle

Product bundling is commonly used to sell more on Amazon by offering several items as one deal. The most successful retailers out there report dramatic exposure improvement thanks to this technique, not to mention simplified inventory management and reduced shipping expenses.

4.    Go for a Lightning Deal

Selling products the Amazon way can also work for your business. Customers tend to use the Lightning Deals section more often than others, which is why you can benefit from being featured there. Make sure you meet eligibility criteria for that and get your products listed among best-selling items on Amazon.

5.    Give your customers incentives

Have you ever wondered what makes an outstanding shopping experience from the perspective of an Amazon user? In addition to great customer service, people consider the availability of special offers to be of utmost importance. Try to experiment with your inventory and provide extra discounts to win more customers.However, even if you implement all these strategies but fail to take care of shipping, you will never hit your sales targets. The good news is that Minatus fulfilment services are available to all e-retailers seeking to outsource it. We can handle shipping, inventory management and more to help you make your products the top-selling items on Amazon!