Seizing new opportunities for Amazon Seller Central

An Amazon app logo is shown on a smartphone

Amazon is arguably a gold mine that can make you rich beyond the dreams of avarice. The snag is that every modern-day seller knows this, turning the commercial potential of the marketplace into an open secret. If you still believe that doing research on the top-selling things on Amazon and simply adding them to your inventory is enough to start making big money, you’re living in a world of make-believe. Instead of enjoying flourishing prosperity, the chances are that your business will be destroyed by the fierce competition.

You must start thinking like a buyer to sell more on Amazon. And this is not only about optimising your listings for keywords that people tend to use when searching for stuff. This is rather about giving them more than what they expect to get.

4 tips on how to sell on Amazon successfully

New opportunities are always out there, and you only need to spot them. If you’ve exhausted all the possibilities – from adding some SEO magic to your product descriptions to running PPC campaigns – but your sales are still far from being perfect, you can’t miss out on the following tips. Here’s what every e-merchant is in a position to do to make their inventory appear among best-sale products on Amazon:

1. Use Seller Central coupons

If there is a single trait that all buyers have, then it is the unwillingness to squander their money. With Amazon Seller Central coupons, you can show shoppers you do care about that. These coupons appear along with your listings in search results, Today’s Deals and other sections, allowing buyers to get your stuff for a better price.

2. Try to own the Buy Box

Winning the Amazon’s Buy Box is synonymous with having an edge on your competitors. It makes your listings highly visible on product pages so that buyers can add them to their carts directly. Whether you offer new or used items, the Buy Box is something that can turn them into the most profitable things to sell on Amazon.

3. Analyse your business metrics

A Seller Central status provides you with access to important metrics in your account dashboard. Be sure to use them to find out more about your conversion rate, product views, sales, etc. This information can help you improve the shopping experience that you offer and, therefore, increase your chances of being considered a top seller on Amazon.

4. Expand your inventory

Buyers want to have the privilege of plenty of choices. So, if you’re wondering what to sell on Amazon to become featured in the Top Seller section, you’re better off going for diversity in your inventory. According to the most successful retailing practices, people tend to buy handmade items, customizable goods and one-of-a-kind products more often than others. Moreover, you can also offer foodstuffs as Amazon Prime Pantry opens up a plethora of untapped opportunities.

Once you figure out what are the best things to sell on Amazon for your business, you should get the hang of timely order fulfilment. Otherwise, you risk losing your customers. At Minatus, we provide affordable fulfilment services for e-merchants, regardless of what seller accounts they are using. With us, you can outsource your inventory management headaches and train your sights on increasing your profits.