How to use Amazon FBA prep service to double your turnover

FBA prep service in the UK

If you have ever prepared an inventory for FBA, you are familiar with the struggle. The orders are pouring in quickly, while you are running out of stock unable to prepare the inventory fast enough to meet the rising demand. Before you throw in the towel and call it quits, consider outsourcing your Amazon FBA prep to a third party! Though it may seem like a risky move to hand over one of the most important parts of your business to a stranger, in reality, it is a great way to streamline your processes. Keep reading to find out how investing in an FBA prep service can save you precious time and money.

What goes into FBA prep?

If you want to become an Amazon seller, you need to abide by the strict rules of the retail giant. And most of them focus on getting your inventory properly prepared. You cannot simply throw your product into a box, tape it shut, hand it over to a courier, and call it Amazon seller fulfilment. FBA prep includes carefully inspecting, packaging, and labelling every item. And if you get any part of it wrong, Amazon will not accept your stock and send it back to you at your own expense. What is worse, if the damaged stock is mistakenly sent to a customer, he or she will most likely complain and return the product. This kind of mistakes will cost you greatly. The returns will hurt your metrics, suppress your listings, and might even get your account suspended.

3 benefits of FBA prep services

There are many Amazon fulfilment programs that promise sellers access to Prime customers. However, the charges for fulfilment are outrageously high and suitable only for seasoned retailers with an extremely high turnaround. If you have a small business and sell out of your kitchen, sending your inventory to Amazon FBA prep centre will have more cons than pros for you. What other options do you have? Do it yourself or trust a qualified team of professionals with it. The choice is obvious! Here are the benefits of outsourcing your FBA prep:

  • Expert quality control

FBA pick and pack service employees know Amazon requirements like the back of their hand. They will thoroughly inspect each item to make sure it complies with Amazon requirements, and your seller reputation stays intact. Hiring a third party lowers the chances of returns and saves you time on the inspection.

  • Money saver

There are plenty of companies that can handle your FBA prep in the UK. They offer reasonable prices and customizable packages, which means that, unlike with Amazon, you will only pay for what you really need. They also charge way less for packaging since they buy all the materials in bulk.

  •  Double turnover

Remember all those hours you have spent packing and shipping? Sharing responsibilities with a trusted partner allows you to allocate that time to sourcing more products and growing your business.
If you are looking for a reliable FBA prep service in the UK, Minatus team is ready for the challenge! Contact us to find out how we can help you streamline your picking, packing, and shipping processes at affordable rates!