How to recover your amazon account with minimum losses

Amazon account suspended

There is nothing an Amazon seller dreads more than waking up one day to find out their account was banned. And for those who sell their products exclusively online, getting suspended has become a real occupational hazard. Reinstating your account can take weeks. All this time you are losing your profit while still having to pay rent and employee salaries. And while big brands and companies usually have a financial safety net for such occasions, being banned from Amazon can cause real damage to small business owners who rely on the retail platform as their sole source of income.

Another problem is that Amazon provides a highly demanding and competitive marketing environment. You have to comply with tons of requirements to even set one foot into this e-commerce giant’s pool. There are at least ten different reasons why your account may be suspended. Sometimes, it takes as little as one customer complaint to shut your business down for a month. And if you cannot prove it was unreasonable, you might as well stay banned forever.
Sure, you can meticulously follow the letter of the Amazon law and hope for the better, but there is an easier way to avoid suspension. Strict requirements have created a huge demand for seller protection services aimed at assisting with Amazon suspension appeals and providing insurance to cover the damage. This way, you have something to fall back on in case you temporarily lose your income.

How does Amazon suspension insurance work?

Seller protection services include 24/7 account monitoring. The system will notify you if there are any negative reviews, listing hijack attempts, or any other unhealthy activity that may lead to your Amazon account being suspended. Monitoring is aimed at helping you avoid suspension in the first place. But if it does happen, you can activate the protection package. All you need to do is contact your insurance provider and give them the evidence you need to support your suspended Amazon seller account appeal. The provider will handle submission and reinstatement, while reimbursing your average revenues.

Who is eligible for Amazon account recovery insurance?

Different insurance providers have different requirement, of course. Typically, it is enough to be an Amazon seller for more than year and have an average rating of 3,49 or higher to qualify for Amazon suspended account cover. Naturally, you would also need to comply with all the standard Amazon requirements. For example, if you are an international vendor who wants to ship to the UK, you need to have a UK or EU (until Brexit is complete) return address. If you don’t have one – don’t worry! Minatus Amazon FBA, Vendor Seller and Merchant customers can use our warehouse as your return address.

Other than that, seller protection services are available to every merchant all over the world no matter what Amazon marketplace they are currently on. So yes, technically your competitors can still temporarily put you out of business by writing a bad review claiming that your products are unauthentic or outright fake. But thanks to suspension cover, you can now not only reinstate your Amazon seller account in the shortest time but also reimburse your lost income. All for a small fee and a little professional help.