Best promotion strategies for those who run a business on Amazon

Using an Amazon app on a smartphone

As of today, Amazon is deemed to be the most coveted platform for merchants all over the globe to list their goods. Millions of transactions are made through this marketplace per day, unlocking almost limitless potential for online sellers. In light of this, e-commerce businesses are all desperately struggling with each other to dominate Amazon and end up with their listings being on the top of categories. But how can you outperform the countless number of competitors and leave them behind? This is indeed challenging, yet possible. To increase your chances of success, be sure to use the following promotion tips.

5 essential steps to maximise profits on Amazon

Make the most of internal methods

It is internal promotion methods that can help you rank higher in Amazon search results. If you want your goods to show up first, you need to properly optimise the content of your product pages by adding keywords to titles and the following text. What is more, you will be better off creating accurate product descriptions that focus on the needs of your target audience and shed light on the benefits of your items. It will bring even more value if you also add product images.

Avail yourself of external advertising

When it comes to spreading brand awareness, there is hardly anything that can yield as tangling results as external advertising does. By getting teamed up with influencers in your niche, you will be able to reach potential customers and let them know more about your company. That is why popular bloggers and Instagrammers are worth working with. They can encourage people to make their buying decisions in favour of your business.

It’s also an excellent idea to advertise through social media. You can start with creating a business page on Facebook and launch a marketing campaign right there. Once you notice the dramatic increase in external traffic to your Amazon pages, you will want to add other social networks to your areas of advertising, too.

Take advantage of sponsored ads

The benefits of Amazon sponsored ads include boosting the visibility of your products and, thus, increasing your chances of winning the Buy Box. They work on a PPC basis, so you pay only when the shopper’s attention is already grabbed. Apart from sponsored ads, you may consider benefiting from other Amazon promotion offers, such as Lightning Deals and Deals of the Day.

Ask your customers for reviews

There is no denying that reviews do matter to buyers when they make purchasing decisions. If your product page is full of positive testimonials, you are more likely to close the sale. So, always maintain your online reputation and encourage your customers to leave reviews. Remember, you should never stop building trust as an e-commerce seller.

Improve your shipping performance metrics

Although shipping may seem like bearing no relation to how high your products appear on Amazon, it is actually one of the crucial factors. If you often have shipping issues, like incomplete orders, delays or tracking number problems, you are likely to be penalised by Amazon, which can lead to the loss of credibility.

To avoid worst-case scenarios and enhance exposure of your products on the world’s largest marketplace, you need to use order fulfilment services for your Amazon merchant site. At Minatus, we are up for all stages of the shipping process, including packing, handling and inventory management. We are capable of boosting your shipping performance and, thus, laying a solid foundation for increased visibility of your goods on Amazon.