Amazon product kitting and bundling explained

An Amazon app is used on a smartphone that is placed in a shopping cart

If you are looking to make a name for yourself on Amazon, you should make sure your listings adhere to all the policies of the world’s largest online retailer and are easy to find by e-buyers. Of course, you can start with optimising your product descriptions and putting most frequently searched words in titles. But what is likely to help you fulfil your business aspirations completely is adding kits to your inventory and selling bundles on Amazon. These are marketing strategies that aim to make your profits go through the roof while being in line with the requirements of the e-commerce giant.

Simply put, Amazon bundles are two or more products offered as one combined deal. They usually consist of complementary items from different categories and are listed without unique ASIN numbers. For example, a smartphone that comes with headphones or accessories is a bundle. So, when a purchase is made, individual items are taken from the stock and then shipped together.

Amazon kitting is also about offering several products under one listing. What makes it different from bundling is that each kit has its own SKU number and needs to be pre-packaged before sending it to Amazon for further fulfilment. In other words, a kit is sold as a single unit, not as individual items.

Benefits of adding Amazon bundle deals and kits to the inventory

Would you like to make your products different from thousands of others offered by your competitors? Then consider developing a coherent Amazon bundling strategy and expanding a variety of your customers’ choices with kits. The thing is that bundles and kits are your unique offerings and are more affordable than buying the same items separately. Plus, they convey the message that the products under one listing can be used together flawlessly, which is very important to buyers.

Bundling and kitting can bring a host of financial benefits to your business. And here is why:

  • You can double your product exposure. When adding Amazon FBA bundles and kits to the inventory, you increase the number of your listings. As a result, your products become more visible, and the chances of them getting to buyers’ shopping carts go up.
  • You can minimise product returns. Incompatibility is one of the most common reasons why customers return previously purchased items. When buying bundles or kits, though, shoppers know that those products are designed to complement each other, which reduces the risk of them asking for a refund.
  • You can enjoy substantial savings on shipping. It’s clear that sending several pre-packaged products in one kit to an FBA centre is much cheaper than shipping them as separate items. Not only does it reduce costs but also it allows you to get your products in front of customers faster.

The finishing touches

Are you ready to implement these profitable marketing strategies? Before putting them into action, carefully read the guidelines on how to bundle products on Amazon to ensure that your items meet the marketplace criteria. Better yet, turn to Minatus and make use of our prep services! We will take care of your bundles, kits and shipments so that your customers, as well as Amazon, are satisfied.