Amazon Prime benefits for shoppers and profit opportunities for businesses

An Amazon Prime app is being launched on a smartphone

According to Jeff Bezos, the number of Amazon Prime members has already passed the 100-million mark, and the massive switch shows no signs of stopping. People love having exclusive perks, which makes the programme so coveted. It’s like a private yet accessible club that opens new doors for shoppers. But how do you benefit from it as a business owner? Let’s get a bead on what is so special about Amazon Prime.

On average, US shoppers who use the Prime programme spend twice as much as regular buyers. The reason why they lash out such a great portion of money while shopping is that they get access to a range of Amazon Prime advantages, such as:

  • Two-day or same-day delivery at no charge. With Amazon Prime, shoppers can order stuff and rest assured they’ll get it without hidden shipping fees. As of now, millions of listings are eligible for free delivery in a matter of days or even hours in some areas.
  • Capturing Lightning Deals. As they are time-sensitive, these offerings are pretty hard to grab. Not for those who use Amazon Prime services, though. The programme allows access to all the items under the Lightning Deals section 30 minutes earlier than regular buyers can see them.
  • Keeping piggy banks unbroken. If you are a shopper who is wondering what you can get with Amazon Prime, substantial savings are definitely among the benefits that spring to mind right off the bat. You can avail yourself of discounts on household items, baby food, diapers and more.
  • Having a lovely time. Members have access to an ever-increasing collection of movies, TV shows, ad-free songs, bonus games, and books. In fact, there are much more entertainment options the programme has to offer. So, you may want to get familiar with complete Amazon Prime details right on the marketplace’s website in your country.

What comes with Amazon Prime for your business?

The chart is showing a sales increase over some period

It is estimated that Prime members shell out $1,400 annually. Do simple calculations, and you’ll realise the profit opportunity this creates for your business. If you are looking to increase your sales, you’ll want to make sure Prime shoppers can easily find your products when browsing around. The requirements are the following:

1. To get your listings in front of over 100 million Prime members, you need to switch to FBA. This is the way Amazon uses to ensure peace of mind of those who subscribe to the programme.

2. If your online metrics leave a lot to be desired, it’s unlikely that your products will be offered to Prime buyers. It’s a prerequisite to prove that your brand, as well as items, can be relied on before you can qualify for Prime display.

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