Amazon import/export management: There’s only one way to do that to your advantage

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Growing an Amazon business can’t go without expanding its coverage. To make your brand’s presence really felt, you need to strengthen its positions on a global scale. But if you lack the expertise and knowledge to handle the intricacies of the Amazon import/export process, your chances of being put at a disadvantage increase a hundredfold. Every other seller reports that the established procedures may be too tricky to deal with on their own. That’s why they steer clear of Amazon direct import programmes and tend to use the services of authorised third parties.

Have a look at some of the steps you are required to take if you choose to export directly. When you are about to get into the markets other than the domestic one, many legal obligations are imposed on you. They include:

  • Doing your due diligence on the applicable laws

Not all Amazon import products are allowed to enter foreign markets as they are. First and foremost, you need to make sure the goods that you are going to export do not contravene the customs laws of the destination country. Keep in mind that such products as alcohol, seeds, foods, medications and many others may fall under the category of restricted or prohibited in certain countries.

  • Defining the roles within the process

Here is something most sellers overlook when getting their stuff into other countries: Amazon can be designated neither as your Exporter of Record nor as your Importer of Record. That means you cannot burden it with the responsibilities to export Amazon orders. It’s your duty to define who will act as your EOR and IOR and list these parties in your shipping forms.

  • Preparing the documents

To ensure flawless customs clearance of Amazon FBA imports, a shipper – be it you or someone who acts on your behalf – has to draw up a commercial invoice and other transportation documentation. Make sure it is filed accurately and has all the necessary information related to your cargo. You will also need to pay assessed taxes on your Amazon FBA export goods as required by the laws of the destination country.

Time to maximise your Amazon export sales

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The best way to export your inventory to other countries is to entrust an authorised company to do that for you. Those who specialise in international trading have the expertise to provide comprehensive import/export management solutions – from meeting customs requirements to forwarding freight. This way, you won’t have to collect the documentation and ship products on your own, which will help you avoid delays and unwanted returns caused by negligence.

Although Amazon cannot be listed as your EOR or IOR, and it cannot manage imports/exports for you, Minatus knows who can. In addition to providing you with full-scale fulfilment services (FBA inspection, PO management, packaging, labelling, dispatching, etc.), we can refer you to an established freight forwarder. With our partner company, you can rest easy knowing your imports/exports are handled timely and professionally so that your business grows with no boundaries. Give us a call to learn more about what options you have!